Cork Farm Woodfuels

The importance of seasoning

Logs seasoning

We supply only the best quality, well seasoned hardwood logs. Seasoning is essential to make firewood fit for burning.

All wood contains water - when freshly cut logs may contain up to 50% water - but well-seasoned wood will have a moisture content of only 20% or less.
All our firewood is left to season for at least a year after harvesting to ensure that it is fit to burn. Our logs are sampled with a moisture meter prior to packing to ensure that they have seasoned sufficiently.

Log fireWell seasoned firewood is easier to light, produces more heat, and burns cleaner. Dry wood will burn hot - heating up the flue, creating a fast draw, and ejecting any vapours out of the chimney before they get a chance to condense.

In contrast, if you try to burn "green" unseasoned wood a lot of the energy stored within the wood is expended in evaporating the water, before the wood will burn. Wet wood will burn slowly and with less heat and there is a high risk that the tars driven off will condense in your chimney and cause damage to the chimney lining or increase the risk of a chimney fire.