Cork Farm Woodfuels

Woodland management at Cork Farm

Our firewood is sourced from ancient semi-natural woodland which is being sustainably managed. All harvesting is carried out according to a management plan approved by the Forestry Commission.


Coppice at Cork Farm Our firewood is obtained by coppicing, which is a traditional woodland management technique. Trees are cut near the base and the remaining "stool" regrows over a period of years without the need for replanting. Regrowth is usually rapid because the the mature root system is still in place. With regular coppicing, individual stools can survive for hundreds of years and become quite large.


Track at Cork Farm
Coppicing is carried out on a cycle or "rotation" of about 15- 20 years: small areas of the woodland are cut each year in sequence leaving the areas not being cut to grow on. By the time all the woodland has been worked, the first area cut is 15 years old and ready for cutting again!


bluebells at Cork Farm
If the coppice cycle is managed correctly it will increase biodiversity in the woodland. This is because the different coppice stages with different aged trees creates a range of different habitats. There are also beneficial effects of varying light levels reaching the woodland floor, encouraging native ground flora.